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Why should you choose Richh Photography for your next photo session? 

1. Great pricing! Why should you pay $200.00 at another studio and in return get only a disk of unedited or edited digital files that are poorly done? Many photographers have turned to giving away these discs, resulting in clients taking the disc to the local Walmart or Walgreens, producing less than professional finished prints. By giving you the disc, they have removed themselves from the responsibility of providing you with the very best prints. At Richh Photography, I am dedicated to providing my clients with professionally finished prints that will look great on your wall. My equipment is calibrated so that what we see on the monitor is what we get back from the lab and what you will ultimately hang on your wall. 

2. Experience! Thirty + years of photography experience and continuous training with all of the latest cameras, lenses and editing software. In this age of digital cameras, so many people have picked up a decent digital camera, and after hearing from their friends how great their photos are, they have decided to try to sell their work. Unfortunately, these people really don’t have any real training, or experience and clients end up with less than professional results. A real professional photographer uses professional equipment, and provides all the services, from planning your shoot to handing you your final prints. A real professional does not trust that someone outside of his or her control will print your lifelong treasures and provide the quality you deserve. At Richh Photography, you will get personal, professional service, from the time you first make the call to schedule, to the time I hand you your finished prints. 

3. Incredible Service! Your session will be planned out after I have consulted with you about what you want from your finished photos. I will take the time to get to know you so that I know what things you are passionate about. Your personality is important to me. I know that my clients want their personality to show through in their finished photos and I will take the time to find that personality and passion, in you, that I can capture and show in your final photos. Many studios limit the session time and the number of clothing changes. At Richh Photography, I understand that time is important to you and I am going to give you all the time you need to get the photos you want. I only schedule one client per day, except for Prom Day Photos, so that I can devote that entire day to your session. I don’t do “min-sessions”, and I won’t compromise quality service, just to save time and to make an extra buck. If that is the kind of service you are looking for, you might as well go to JC Penney, they have the best deal in town on high volume, quick and easy photos. If you do go there though, don’t expect the photographer to take the time to get to know you or to capture your true personality in your photos. 

What should I look for in a great photographer? 

1. Look at the photographer’s portfolio. If they have a website, go to that website and take a look at the photos they have posted. Facebook is a great social networking site but if you really want to see what kind of details the photographer is capable of, you have to look at the website. Facebook photos are compressed such that the real details are lost. You will want to look at the eyes of the clients’ photos that are posted. Those eyes must be sharply focused. It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In photography, if the eyes are not in focus, the true essence of the person in that photo is lost. The eyes should have a catch-light, to show that extra little sparkle. Without that sparkle, many times, especially in people with dark colored irises, the eye sockets look like empty holes in the head. The photo should be properly lit, with no harsh shadows on the face. This usually means supplemental lighting. Does the photographer have and use supplemental lighting and lighting modifiers? On and off camera flash, diffusers, reflectors, and studio lighting, are all very important to get the best quality photos. Does the photographer have the necessary software and know how to use it to clean up the digital files before printing? The last thing you want is to have a last minute spot of acne show up or a bit of makeup out of place and then have the photographer not be able to clean that up for you in post processing. 

2. Is your choice of photographer friendly and easy to work with? Is he/she willing to take the time necessary and do they have the experience to notice and then to tell you when your necklace chain clasp is hanging in the wrong place? Will that photographer guide you in your poses, and help you make choices in clothing? Will your photographer notice and know how to pose you, so that flaws, like having one eye a bit larger than the other, such that they are less noticeable in your finished photos. (Almost everyone has one eye larger than the other.) Will they know how to pose you so that your finished photos produce the most flattering look? 

3. Does the photographer stand behind their work? At Richh Photography, I give it my all and I only produce the very best work. If you are not happy with the digital proofs, I will work with you, until you are happy. I strongly believe that if a customer is unhappy with my work, that will eliminate return customers and it is my goal to be your first choice as your high school senior photographer! 

What is it that Rich Photography offers? 

1. Photo sessions done in studio and or on location at any number of beautiful places in the Muskegon, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Whitehall areas. 

2. Every image that you see will be professionally retouched, to make sure you get the very best quality print, free of charge. 

3. Incredible images, in standard prints to canvas and prints, printed on aluminum, to be displayed on your wall or on your desk. 

4. Books and albums of your finished photos, to display on your coffee table or to give as gifts to your family and friends. 

5. Personalized greeting cards, announcements and invitations, to let all of your friends know how much you love them and to keep them in the loop during your special occasions. 

6. Professionally edited composites, showcasing your high school senior in one beautifully composed and layered print. 

7. Most of all, you will get dedicated, professional and caring service, from beginning to end from a real person, someone that hopes to become your friend, someone that you count on to give you the real professional prints, showing the real you, that you deserve.
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