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Welcome to Richh Photography. My name is Richard (Rick) Hamlin, sole owner, photographer, and professional editor at Richh Photography. It is my goal to provide each and every one of my clients with beautiful art that is worthy of a prominent space on my clients wall. While doing that, it is also my desire to build lasting relationships with my clients, as I want to be the one person that will be at the top of my clients list when it comes time for them to choose the photographer that will continue to capture their most notable, one time, life events.

I am retired from the United States Air Force and I have been using a camera to supplement my income since 1980. I was stationed in Germany and found that there was a real market for a High School Senior and Family Photographer. You see, at the time, local photographers did not understood that the Americans on the base and the High School Seniors attending the local Department of Defense High School, needed this type of photographer. I spent a great deal of my free time producing beautiful prints for my clients over the next couple of years.

After I left Germany, I was assigned to a base in Montana and I spent more time than you can imagine chasing wildlife and landscapes with a camera. All the while learning how to best use the available, natural outdoor light, to create beautiful art. I honed my skills using a top of the line, Nikon, 35mm film camera.

After spending 8 years in Montana, the Air Force decided that it was time for me to move, so they sent me to Alaska. I spent the next 11 years enjoying and photographing, what I believe is, the most beautiful place on our planet.

After retirement, about 8 years ago, I decided to move back to my hometown, Muskegon, Michigan. I was born and raised here in Muskegon and graduated from Oakridge High School. I still take photos of the wildlife and landscapes but what I love more than anything is working with people to get them the quality images they desire.

If you are ready to schedule your session, give me a call, 231-740-4934. If you would like to connect via Facebook, take a look at my Facebook page,
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